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About Us

Buchanan Orthotics is a family-owned business which operates from our Headquarters in Glasgow, where we manufacture modular, bespoke and specialist footwear, insoles, plastics and fabric supports.


Currently Buchanan Orthotics provide the Orthotic service in several Health Trusts across the UK and offer manufacturing services across NHS frameworks and contracted customers.


Over the last 60 years, the company has evolved from a Surgical Appliances shop in central Glasgow, which was opened by Mr J. Buchanan prior to the Second World War, to a UK-wide manufacturing service company.

Manufacturing of the ‘Steprite’ modular footwear range began nearly twenty years ago. However, we have been involved in bespoke shoemaking for more than forty years. Over the last decade, the modular range has developed to include gents, ladies, and specialist footwear focussing on diabetic treatments.


Buchanan Orthotics has previously had multiple locations across Scotland before centralising at our current Factory and Warehouse facility.
Our dedicated staff have played vital roles in supporting the wonderful NHS across the decades in clinical, administrative and technician roles


Sir Alex Ferguson reciving his bespoke footwear from Buchanan Orthotics