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Buchanan Clinic launch new Edinburgh Clinic

We are pleased to announce that on the 15th of July 2021, the Buchanan clinic will be returning to Edinburgh with its first clinic at Balanced Edinburgh.

Initially, the clinic will run every Thursday and will provide Orthotic and Biomechanical assessments and fittings on the east coast of Scotland.


The clinic will be ran by Clinical Specialist Orthotist Graham Dunn

who said "It is exciting to be able to provide the same cutting edge orthotic devices we us in clinic in Glasgow on the East coast of Scotland. Previoulsy people have had to travel accross the country to attend the clinic so this will be of great benifit in reducing travel. I am also excitied to be working with the Physiotherapists and clinicians at Balanced and our colaberation can only make our outcomes for our clients even better"

The Clinic is associated with Balanced Physiotherapy and based at the idyllic Royal Burgess Golfing Society grounds overlooking the 18th green.

Sharing the same ethos to make you better than you currently are, the Buchanan Clinic and Balanced Edinburgh is an ideal match.

The Buchanan clinic specialised in Orthotic treatment for a number of conditions and biomechanical issues ranging from Plantar fasciitis to custom made footwear and devices.