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Dynamic Mini Strut AFO


Launch of New Mini Dynamic Strut

Buchanan Orthotics is excited to announce the launch of the new Dynamic Mini Strut, a revolutionary ankle foot orthosis (AFO) component. The Dynamic Mini Strut is the latest addition to Coyote's Dynamic Strut line for thermoplastic AFOs.

dynamic AFO mini strut

Made for mini movers: The Mini Strut is perfectly sized for children and those with smaller builds, ensuring a comfortable, natural fit.


Coyote’s Mini Dynamic Strut is made from Resilergy™, the same responsive composite material as our dynamic standard strut, just a smaller size at approximately 5cm shorter. 

The new mini strut comes in at 21.5cm long and 3.2cm wide.

Designed for use in Plastic

The Mini Dynamic strut is designed for use in plastic, providing a cost-effective alternative to expensive carbon fibre AFO and carbon strut-based designs.

Designed to get your patients moving

The struts combine a unique combination of strength and flex that other posterior dynamic struts do not offer. The Mini Strut was designed for smaller patients, with softer flex options available. These struts are comfortable enough for average daily use; walking, working, hiking, biking, golf. 

Dynamic AFO purple text descriptors

Designed to Flex

Not every AFO needs to be fixed!

  • Moves with the Patient  
  • Helps create a Natural Gait
  • Works great with a thermoformed orthosis
  • Offloads weight from the foot and ankle
  • Provides Energy Response

Who would Benefit from a Dynamic Strut?

While not exhaustive people with the  following conditions  may benifit from a Dynamic Stut AFO

  • High functioning Cerebral Palsy
  • Stroke Survivors
  • CMT
  • MS
  • Loss of Plantarflexion power
  • Foot and Ankle Trauma

How Do I get a Dynamic Strut AFO

If you are a patient, speak to your local NHS Orthotic or private orthotic service. If you live in Glasgow or the surrounding area, our Private clinic can manufacture a Dynamic Strut AFO if you are suitable. 

If you are a clinician, contact us directly or whoever manufactures your AFOs. All sizes and stiffnesses of struts are kept in stock in the UK. 

Contact Us

For more information or to order, please contact us on 0141 440 1999 or [email protected] to purchase the kit for production. 

Or you can book Online for an assessment with one of our clinicians.