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Gold Standard Total Contact Offloading of Diabetic Foot Ulcers with VACOcast Diabetic

Buchanan Orthotics was delighted to have a number of our orthotist participate in training on the “Gold Standard Total Contact Offloading of Diabetic Foot Ulcers with VACOcast Diabetic” provided by OPED.

There were clinical representatives from all across our clinical teams covering most areas of Scotland.

The training, conducted by Karina Lutter and Tim Spruce from OPED was well received and informative on the use of the VACOcast diabetic in the treatment of foot ulcers. 

Summary of Training

The training covered:

VACOcast Diabetic

VACOcast Diabetic

The VACOcast Diabetic provides the same stability and offloading as a total contact cast, but is easy to apply and comfortable for the patient.

Key Learning points

  • The vacuum needs reapplied after each removal to redistribute the beads
  • The VACOcast works by vacuum rather than air cells that inflate, to avoid any pressure to the tissue.
  • The VACOcast diabetic is suitable for most ulcers and Charcot, including ischemic, exudating or infected ulcers
  • It is cost effective vs Aircast boots with total contact insole and Total contact casting
  • Easy to access and therefore ideal for remote/rural locations


The VACOcast diabetic and all OPED products are available through Buchanan Orthotics


About OPED

OPED develops, manufactures and sells trend-setting product concepts in the field of core competence – modern Orthosis.

Replacing the uncomfortable plaster cast with a light, functional vacuum splint was the vision of the OPED founders. Their vision became reality in 1993, when the VACOped – still the most successful OPED product, even today – came onto the market. However, the OPED spirit of invention was in no way satisfied with just the VACOped, which is the state-of-the-art treatment nowadays. The product range has been expanded to encompass an entire family of vacuum orthoses. Whether it is torn ligaments, Achilles tendon rupture or a fractured wrist: OPED products offer optimum care with the highest degree of mobility and hygiene.