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New MyGeneration Kids' Orthotic Footwear Catalogue

Buchanan Orthotics Launches New mygeneration® Kids' Orthotic Footwear Catalogue

Buchanan Orthotics, the UK distributor for Schein, is thrilled to announce the launch of their brand new catalogue showcasing the innovative mygeneration® range of children's orthotic footwear. 

Designed with Therapy in Mind

Schein and Buchanan Orthotics understand that wearing a leg orthosis (AFO) can sometimes feel restrictive for children. Their orthotic shoes are created with this in mind, prioritising optimal fit for both foot, orthosis, and shoe. A stable heel cap and a flexible upper ensure a secure and comfortable fit, promoting good posture and stability.

Accommodating All Needs

The catalogue features the all-new TN12 width fitting, developed in collaboration with specialists, specifically to accommodate bulkier orthotics. These shoes come with two interchangeable insoles, allowing for volume adjustment without compromising style. For unilateral needs, the unaffected foot can be fitted with a different width and size, ensuring a perfect match for each child.

Focus on Style and Confidence

Buchanan Orthotics recognises the importance of feeling confident, especially for young people. The mygeneration® range goes beyond functionality, offering a variety of stylish designs and colours. This allows children to express their individuality while receiving the orthotic support they need.

Get Your Copy Today

Whether you're a parent or a healthcare professional, the new mygeneration® catalogue is a valuable resource.

You can contact Buchanan Orthotics today or download directly here to receive your copy and help your child move with confidence.