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SensoCAD Online Seminar


SensoCAD Online Seminar



Do you want to know more about SensoCad from Schein?

Schein are running online seminars on Tuesday 27 Febuary and Thursday 14 March 2024.

What is SensoCAD?

SensoCAD follows the Sensomotoric concept for holistic and active care.

Sensocad insole in orange

What is Sensomotoric Concept?

For many years, sensomotoric foot orthoses (SMFO) have been successfully  used to treat various foot misalignments,  functional complaints, and deviations  from standard physiological gait.

With their specially shaped elements, they exert targeted sensory stimuli on the  sole of the foot, which cause motor reactions through muscle tension or  relaxation.

In this way, malpositions and imbalances can be corrected. Sensomotoric foot orthoses can be used for children and adults.

Sensocad insole in white

What will the seminar cover?

  • What is a sensomotoric foot orthosis?
  • How looks construction like?
  • Working with the sensoCAD concept
  • Samples of treatment

Who is the seminar for?

  • Orthotists
  • Podiatrists
  • Physiotherapists
  • Any one who presribes foot orthoses

How do i register?

If you send us an email we will send out an invitation to the online seminar