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Buchanan Orthotics and Schein

Buchanan Orthotics is a UK distributor for Schein

Buchanan Orthotics is proud to be supplying both stock footwear and insoles for Schein.


Schein is a family run orthopaedic manufacturer that was founded in 1879 and are based in Germany with sites across Europe. They are know for an extensive product portfolio of excellent quality. They rank amongst the leading suppliers of orthopaedic technology and orthopaedic footwear technology. 

Sense Insoles

The Sense range of insoles have been designed using a high quality Schein base which can then be constructed to the practitioner’s specification, enabling you to stipulate any additional components to suit their patient’s needs.

SENSE insoles are constructed from three layers of reinforcing material which are laminated together to create a durable sole, a strong yet adaptable medial longitudinal arch and flexible heel cup. This allows the insole to form to the pitch of most shoes.

For added comfort, the underneath of the full-length insole has a unique non-slip coating to prevent movement inside the shoe. These features of our SENSE insoles are achieved without compromising the support, correction and comfort of the patient, all at an affordable price.

Sense insoles are for professional use and are not available for pubic purchase

MyGeneration paediatric footwear

Schein and MyGeneration names are synonimous with quality and provide a wide range of products for clinical staff to select from. With ranges of Orthotic, support and anti-varus footwear avaliable in a wide range of styles and sizes. 

Clinicians know they can trust that MyGeneration footwear will not only be clinicaly suitable but also stylish. 

New addition such as posterior opening footwear to enable easy donning over AFOs and BOA fastenings ensure the range is modern and functional. 

Lucro Footwear

Lucro is Scheins specialist range of footwear for people with Diabetes and Rheumatism. They contain clinical relavent features and are designed to protect the at risk foot.

NovaPED Sports Insoles

The NovaPED sports foot support blanks are designed for different sports with their specific movement and strain patterns. They ensure high wearing comfort, prevent excessive strain and contribute to the alleviation of complaints.