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Visit to Schein in Ruckgaber

Schein Ruckgaber logo

Over the Easter period, we had Graham representing clinical services and Kevin representing manufacturing, visit RuckgaberBrüggemann Orthopädie Service GmbH in Rottenburgh, Germany. This is part of the Schein family and a major storage and dispatch site for their materials.

Schein Ruckgaber

The purpose of the trip was to find new materials and options to offer our clinicians and partners, and it did not disappoint in that regard. 

Both Graham and Kevin were bowled away by their hosts' hospitality. They can't thank them enough for allowing them to see the facility and all the options available. 

They saw various EVA blocks for milling, top covers and materials for footwear manufacturing. 

They were even able to have a go at using some of the materials showing how easy they are to work with. 

Technician finishing insole top cover

Kevin finising an insole

Graham having a go at finising an insole


On the way home, they were lucky to have time to visit the Mercedes museum in Stuttgart, which was the perfect end to a memorable trip. 

Mercedes museum in Stuttgart

The information gathered during this trip will help shape future developments and products that Buchanan Orthotics can offer to clinicians.