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Heel plateau Insoles

The heel plateau insole range from Schein is a range of insoles which aim to provide maximum stability together with optimal comfort. The 'Plateau' is an extended support surface which provides stability and improves transmission of force onto the sole of the shoe. The heel plateau also features an integrated rolling edge that supports controlled step initiation, thus reducing the speed of pronation.

Round on the inside

The rounded heel and the cupped design provide a perfect fit for the foot. This is beneficial for pressure distribution and ensures the desired treatment result while also being comfortable to wear. Being straight on the underside, the heel plateau stops the insole from rocking and, at the same time, improves transmission of force from the insole onto the sole of the shoe.

Heel Plateau insoles stability

Flat on the bottom

The heel plateau insole is flat on the base to provide increased pressure distribution when standing in the shoe. This also prevents the insoles from rocking in the shoe. 


With the heel plateau insole you have the ability to grind in medial or lateral wedging with out the need for additional material. 

Controlled step initiation

The integrated rolling edge aid‘s controlled step initiation.