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Sense Slim

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  1. Introduction
  2. Overview
  3. Sense Slim Shell
  4. Heel Cup
  5. Adaptions
  6. Top Covers
  7. Slim VS Standard Shell
  8. Other Shells


Sense insoles have been designed using a high-quality Schein base which can then be constructed to the practitioner’s specification, enabling you to stipulate any additional components to suit their patient’s needs.

The Sense Slim has been specifically designed to fit into narrow-waisted footwear such as football boots. 


  • Narrow Waist
  • Slight heel cup
  • Stronger shell
  • Smooth Underside

Sense Slim Shell

Specifically designed to be narrower on the heel and waist when compared to the standard sense shell. The smooth underside allows for easy transfer between footwear.

Heel Cup

The Sense Slim has a slight heel cup to provide increased control of the heel


With the modular nature of the Sense shells, we can have the following additions added to the shell.

  • Valgus Pad 3mm
  • Valgus Pad 6mm
  • Met dome
  • Met bar (3mm as standard)
  • Mortons Extenesion (4mm as standard)
  • Reverse Mortons (4mm as standard)
  • Stabilised Heel


  • Hind foot and forefoot posting as specified
  • Kirby Skives (4mm as Standard)

Top Covers

When ordering the Sense Slim, the following top covers are available

  • Black Alcantara 1mm
  • Green Spenco 1.5mm and 3mm
  • Black, Blue and Multicolour EVA 1.5mm
  • Black Perforated EVA 3mm
  • Black OnSteam
  • Black Technovinyl 1mm
  • Beige OnSteam with Salmon PU 3mm (Diabetic Suitable)(Charged as a dual layer)
  • Grey Carbon Point + 1.5mm P2

For use in football boots or tight fitting footwear we recommend Spenco, OnSteam, Technovinly or Grey Carbon Point +1.5mm P2

Slim VS Standard Shell

The Sense Slim offers an improved fit in narrow-waisted footwear such as football boots or Formal footwear without the need to alter the base shell. 

  • Narrow Waist
  • Slight Heel cup
  • Stronger Shell
  • Smooth Underside

Other Shells

Sense Heel Pain Pro