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SpryStep Paediatric AFO

The SpryStep Paediatric AFO from Thuasne is the newest member of the SpryStep  AFO family.

Designed in the US, it is being utilised as an alternative to rigid bracing in appropriate cases.

It keeps the lateral position of the strut that is the hallmark of the SpryStep family of Ankle foot orthoses. This positioning allows for increased patient compliance and amplifies energy return.

Trimmable Calf Band

The SpryStep Paediatric incorporates a trimmable calf band allowing the clinician to decrease the total height of the device

Trimmable Foot Plate

The SpryStep Paediatric's footplate is trimmable at the toe to deacrease length and down the medial side to help with shoe fitting. The footplate can be trimmed down to a minimum length of 9.6cm on the X-Small. 


  • Footdrop
  • Idiopathic toe walking
  • Mild knee hyperextension
  • Mild foot and ankle tri-planar instability

Purchasing Information

The SpryStep Paediatric is a medical device and can be purchased by medical professionals direct from Buchanan orthotics. 

Patients can arrange for an assessment at our Private clinic, the Buchanan Clinic, to be assessed for the SpryStep Paediatric by one of our clinical staff.