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Order Process

Buchanan Orthotics can accept orders across a range of forms. We can accept paper, online, email and written orders. These will all be uploaded to our manufacturing system, and order confirmations sent to the administration teams. 

All orders are held and processed when ALL items required have arrived (Impressions, casts and footwear etc).

We can supply a range of order forms which can be uploaded to the Customer ERP system and updated and saved as required, or used as a hard copy. 


We can supply a generic order form for ordering stock items etc. These can be in PDF or another workable format.

Buchanan Orthotics records all orders using the following processes –

  • Order received and receipted by Dispatch department and reviewed to ensure all relevant documentation and materials are included.
  • Any orders with missing materials are passed to admin to advise prescriber.
  • Orders are then processed within 1-2 hours and uploaded onto our ERP system. Required by dates are automatically generated and order is loaded onto manufacturing unit terminals.
  • Admin can advise ordering staff of required by dates.
  • Orders have in-house charts attached, uploaded from ERP system onto physical items/prescriptions if the clinician has not already completed these.
  • Order is then passed to manufacturing senior technicians to contract review and ensure prescription and materials are in stock.

We will provide delivery dates for any stock products that are not in stock at the order date.