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Commercial Partners

Buchanan Orthotics is proud to work with a range of commercial partners in delivering the highest quality products and services, these include the following partners:

Schein logo


Schein are one of Europe’s longest standing suppliers of Orthotics and footwear and Buchanan Orthotics are delighted to be one of the UK distributors of their ranges including the popular ‘My Generation’ paediatric footwear and range of prescriptive insoles including hallux rigidus and heel spur. Clinicians can contact us directly for information on ordering.

Trulife logo


Trulife are high quality manufacturer of Orthotics and Prosthetics and Buchanan Orthotics are proud to work in conjunction with the company to supply their product range across Scotland. Clinicians can contact us for the full range of Orthotics and Rehab equipment.

Tecnica Footwear logo

Tecnica Footwear

Buchanan Orthotics supplies a select range of the high-quality Italian made rehabilitation footwear range, including Diabetic Boot and Heel offloading shoe. Clinicians can access this range within our catalogue and ordering information can be supplied.