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The best for every foot

Specialist shoes for people with diabetes or rheumatism. Download the full catalogue to see the full range avaliable. 

The Classic one

The LucRo classic can protect against recurring
ulcers in diabetic foot syndrome with almost
80% certainty.

This was clinically proven in a 42-month study (avaliable on request). But pressure relief and protection
against recurring ulcers are certainly not
everything the LucRo classic has to offer.

Perfect all-round protection plus:

anatomically shaped, classically formed last

large and diverse selection of 72 models


The Slimmer one

The LucRo kinetic is the slimmer-cut alternative
that also provides ulcer-recurrence protection.

The feature of the LucRo kinetic line is a modified
fit. We have given the last form a slimmer and
narrower rear foot in the heel. This gives the shoe
a different look and ensures an optimised heel
guide especially for slimmer heels.

Perfect all-round protection plus:

last in a narrower natural form
special kineticBags in the soles that relieve
the joints
Large and diverse selection of 46 models


The sporty one

New to the range: the specialist shoe for people
with diabetes who want more active leisure time.

The latest LucRo collection also has the protective
properties for diabetes-friendly foot care. Thanks
to its anti-slip sole and sturdy design, it ensures
stability especially over rough terrain.

Perfect all-round protection plus:

last in a narrower natural form
anti-slip, sturdy TPU outsole
innovative, joint-protecting midsole
large and diverse selection of 48 models



The adaptable one

In addition to proven ulcer-recurrence protection,
the LucRo ergonic also provides ideal features
for rheumatism care.

A recent diabetes study shows that the LucRo
ergonic effectively protects against recurring foot
ulcers. Its joint-friendly features also reduce the
symptoms of rheumatism patients. This is why the
LucRo specialist shoe is listed for both indications.

Perfect all-round protection plus:

last in a natural form
stiffening sole for optimum pressure distribution
(must be firmly glued in for diabetes!)
large and diverse selection of 38 models