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MTM Footwear

Made to Measure Orthopaedic footwear

Buchanan Orthotics is Scotland's only manufacturer of Made to Measure Orthopaedic footwear.

Our footwear is manufactured at our factory on Helen Street, Glasgow, utilising the highest quality materials and made by a combination of both experienced technicians and modern technology.

Due to the bespoke nature, any style or colour can be manufactured as long as it is clinically appropriate. It’s for this reason we do not have a catalogue to select styles, but will often base them off the Steprite range. However, if there is a style you have in mind this can often be accommodated.

Our made to measure footwear can be made to draft, cast or scan, measurement charts are avaliable and can be sent direct to your clinic if requested. Once the bespoke last has been produced direct repeats can easily be ordered. 

Our bespoke footwear will always come to a trial fit to ensure fit and comfort unless specified. This is to ensure the correct fit and that clinical objectives are being achived.