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My Generation

MyGeneration from Schein provides the full range of orthotic treatments from Oversplint, Posterior opening to Anti-vaus. These premium footwear designed in Germany offer modern styles with the highest clinical standards in mind.

Available in widths TN2 to TN12 and in AV and NS lasts. 

There is also the option of designing the uppers using the MyDesign.

The full 2024 Catalogue can be downloaded here

For the MyGeneration sizing see the measurement chart

Orthotic Footwear

Space for therapy

Many people often find wearing a leg orthosis restricts thier freedom of movement. Our Orthotic shoes are therefore designed to ensure an optimal fit for the foot, orthosis and therapeutic shoe.

Support shoes

The right footwear for helpful support

Our stability shoes are highly versitile. They relieve strain on the feet and ankles, stabilise and guide the foot.


Anti-Varus/Neutral shoes

Secure correction from the start

The child's sickle foot is a malposition that is often present from birth and can be well treated with conservative measures such as anti-varus footwear.