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NovaPED Sports - Ball Sports


Ball sports are characterised by running, jumping, turning and stopping - so the inside of the foot and the forefoot are subject to high strain, particularly the big toe. NovaPED Sports Ball Sports alleviates sports-specific complaints and ensures wearing comfort with concurrent relief of strongly strained areas.

  • Stabilises and supports the mid- and rear foot
  • Cushioning forefoot padding
  • Support of the forefoot's outer edges
  • With high-quality micro fibre cover
  • Available in sizes 35-53 wide, 35-46 narrow


  • Achilles tendon problems (Achillodynia)
  • Tarsal tunnel syndrome
  • Knee pain (Chondropathia patellae)
  • Pes-valgus foot (Pes plano valgus)
  • Splayfoot (Pes transversus planus)


Ball Sports - Wide

Sizes: 35-53  Code: 987661-000

Ball Sports - Standard

Sizes: 35-46  Code: 987668-000


Clinicians or private individuals can request further information about this product.