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Schein NovaPED Sports

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NovaPED Sports - Cross-Country Skiing


Classic cross-country skiing is characterised by a continuous movement pattern where particularly the heel needs good guidance in initial step and push-off phase.

The NovaPED sports Cross-Country Skiing achieves this by a well-developed firm cup. The flexible setup in the forefoot warrants the necessary mobility at the push.

  • Supports the foot at the longitudinal arch
  • Firm heel cup for rear foot stability
  • Pressure reducing of the forefoot by additional padding
  • Flexible forefoot
  • With ARU-X-static cover, antibacterial
  • Available in sizes 35-48 wide, 35-46 narrow


  • Pes-valgus foot (Pes plano valgus)
  • Splayfoot (Pes transversus planus)


Cross-Country Skiing - Wide

Sizes: 35-48  Code: 987657-000

Cross-Country Skiing - Standard

Sizes: 35-46  Code: 987656-000


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