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Carbon Edition – Hallux rigidus insoles


  • Prepreg carbon fibre construction
  • Thinner and stronger than the standard red hallux limitus / rigidus insoles
  • Order in single insoles for unilateral use with compensation insole on the unaffected side
  • Narrow and wide versions
  • 1.5mm Microfibre cover with thinned area at hallux


Narrow long rigidus spring

Size 35–48      Code   Left      983221-000     Right    983121-000

Narrow Compensation Insole

Size 35–48      Code   Left      983241-000     Right    983141-000

Wide Long Rigidus Spring

Size 35–48      Code   left       983231-000     Right    983131-000 

Wide Compensation Insole

Size     35-48   Code   Left      983246-000     Right    983146-000

Additional information

Sold as a single insole


Clinicians or private individuals can request further information about this product.