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Schein Protect Insoles

Four Insoles – one goal: tailored foot protection. You can choose between supporting and cushioning insole blanks made from different materials. All insoles can be individually modified to meet the respective needs and indications. 

With Protect by Schein, the insole blanks are type-examined together with our safety footwear. They are also optimally matched to the footwear design in their height and contours. This makes subsequent individual customisations easier.

Protect by Schein safety footwear with orthopaedic insole blanks have always gone through the relevant checks in combination. An EC type-examination is required for all orthopaedic foot protection. Here, the Protect safety footwear goes through all the relevant checks together with the orthopaedic insole blanks. The use of insole blanks and adjustments that have not been checked together is not permitted. This is because the shoe would have been altered compared to the type-examination. Important protective functions such as electrical conductivity may be impaired. This has serious consequences in terms of protection and liability – including for those who initiated and carried out the changes.

Manufacturing instructions

Please take note of the manufacturing instructions if you make any structural changes to the safety footwear, i.e. inserting insole blanks or adjusting the sole. The manufacturing instructions specify aspects such as the maximum height of the insole around the toecap as well as which adhesive and materials may be used.