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Foot and Ankle

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  • Articulating Ankle/Foot Orthosis
  • Adjustable Posterior Upright
  • precise, simplified, and calibrated method of setting the optimal dorsi/plantar flexion angle


  • CVA, TBI, SCI and Diabetic neuropathy
  • Facilitation of functional knee and ankle joint position through flexibility of the aluminium posterior upright structure
  • Allows for optimal dorsi/plantar flexion ankle positioning to provide adequate clearance during swing phase and knee stability in stance phase.
  • Post musculoskeletal injury of the foot and ankle (Heavy duty version recommended, product # 682SKG)
  • Post tendo achilles lengthening immobilisation
  • Post Botox or serial casting
  • Stable fractures of the foot and ankle
  • Tendon or ligamentous tear/rupture


Size Foot length Calf Height Calf Circumference Calf Width Foot Plate Width Weight Limit
Adult 6.75 to 12 (inches) 12 to 13 (inches) 20 (inches) 4 (inches) 3.75 (inches) 113Kg

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