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Foot and Ankle

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  • Articulating Ankle/Foot Orthosis
  • Adjustable Posterior Upright
  • precise, simplified, and calibrated method of setting the optimal dorsi/plantar flexion angle


  • CVA, TBI, SCI and Diabetic neuropathy
  • Facilitation of functional knee and ankle joint position through flexibility of the aluminium posterior upright structure
  • Allows for optimal dorsi/plantar flexion ankle positioning to provide adequate clearance during swing phase and knee stability in stance phase.
  • Post musculoskeletal injury of the foot and ankle (Heavy duty version recommended, product # 682SKG)
  • Post tendo achilles lengthening immobilisation
  • Post Botox or serial casting
  • Stable fractures of the foot and ankle
  • Tendon or ligamentous tear/rupture
APU PRAFO shown from the back


Size Foot length Calf Height Calf Circumference Calf Width Foot Plate Width Weight Limit
Adult 6.75 to 12 (inches) 12 to 13 (inches) 20 (inches) 4 (inches) 3.75 (inches) 113Kg

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