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Foot and Ankle

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Formfit Ankle Brace


  • Breathable material
  • Quick lace Up
  • Inversion/Eversion Control
  • Figure 8 strap version


Ankle injury rehabilitation/immobilisation (Grade I/II sprains)

  • Support chronic instability
  • Prophylactic use
Form Fit ankle brace from Ossur


Size Short heel circumference (cm) Form Fit Ankle Brace Form Fit Ankle with Figure 8
X-Small 28-30.5 B-212010001 B-212000001
Small 30.5-33 B-212010002 B-212000002
Medium 33-35.5 B-212010003 B-212000003
Large 35.5-38 B-212010004 B-212000004
X-Large 38-40.5 B-212010005 B-212000005

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