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Hammer and Claw Toes Corrective Socks


The taping band of the hammer and claw toe sock is constructed in a similar way to the muscle. It mobilises the toe joint and puts it back into the right position. In the process, the crooked toe is pulled into its original shape. This counteracts stiffening and the associated consequences.

As the socks can be worn with slippers and outdoor shoes, the corrective effect is carried out over a long period and continuously. This makes a long treatment period possible.


Size Colour Code
33-34 black 036023-334
35-36 black 036023-356
37-38 black 036023-378
39-40 black 036023-390
41-42 black 036023-412
43-44 black 036023-434
45-46 black 036023-456

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