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Foot and Ankle

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Malleo Neurexa Pro


  • Thermoplastic ankle-foot orthosis with dynamic pronation strap.
  • The special guidance of the closure straps with the combination of the elastic pronation strap ensures effective correction, even with acute hypertonicity of the lower leg musculature.
  • Yields when spasticity occurs
    • Returns the foot to the neutral position after relaxation
  • Can be used as a day splint
  • Dynamic pronation strap
    • Corrects supination


  • Drop foot without/with moderate supination of the foot due to spasticity
    • Stroke
    • Traumatic brain injury
    • Multiple sclerosis
    • Neural muscular atrophy
    • Isolated peroneal paralysis


Size Left Right
35-37 28U50=L35-37 28U50=R35-37
37-39 28U50=L37-39 28U50=R37-39
39-41 28U50=L39-41 28U50=R39-41
41-44 28U50=L41-44 28U50=R41-44

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