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Matrix Max 2


  • Easy-Trim foot plate allows fitting of up to 3 shoe sizes with one product
  • Advanced reinforced lateral strut for greater stability, durability and energy return
  • Narrower foot plate in the medial arch allowing for an easier shoe fit
  • Heat-mouldable, trimmable and height adjustable anterior shell
  • Shrink tubing along the lateral strut protects the shoe against damage


  • Low to high activity patients
  • Unilateral or bilateral drop foot
  • Suitable for partial foot amputations
Matrix Max 2 Carbon fibre AFO from Trulife for foot drop


Size Height Foot Length Left Right
Small 39-42 cm / 15.5-16.5 in 22-24 cm / 8.5-9.5 in FH260L-02 FH260R-02
Medium 41-43 cm / 16-17 in 24-26 cm / 9.5-10.2 in FH260L-03 FH260R-03
Large 43-46 cm / 17-18 in 26-29 cm / 10.2-11.5 in FH260L-04 FH260R-04
X-Large 43-46 cm / 17-18 in 29-31 cm / 11.5-12.2 in FH260L-05 FH260R-05

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