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Foot and Ankle

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Neurodyn Foot Lift Orthosis


  • Fabric orthosis for dynamic compensation of flaccid paralysis
  • Orthopaedic rehabilitation should compensate for lost functionality without hindering remaining functions
  • Dynamics instead of rigid splints - comfort instead of pressure
  • Free plantar flexion


  • Flaccid foot drop


Size Circ of leg above ankle Black/Left Black/Right Beige/Left Beige/Right
1 up to 190 070771/L 070771/R 070771/L/BG 070771/R/BG
2 190 - 210 070772/L 070772/R 070772/L/BG 070772/R/BG
3 210 - 230 070773/L 070773/R 070773/L/BG 070773/R/BG
4 230 - 250 070774/L 070774/R 070774/L/BG 070774/R/BG
5 250 - 270 070775/L 070775/R 070775/L/BG 070775/R/BG



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