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SoftPro Ambulating AFO


The SoftPro® Ambulating Ankle Foot Orthosis (AFO) is clinically indicated for treating plantarflexion contractures at the ankle or to protect the heel from unwanted pressure while in bed. The SoftPro Ambulating AFO has a semi-rigid insert that can be positioned to accommodate the angle of the ankle/foot with mild to moderate plantarflexion contractures. The SoftPro Ambulating AFO’s semi-rigid frame is covered by a laminated foam/cloth cover that can be laundered as necessary The SoftPro Ambulating AFO is intended primarily for recumbent use. An attached toe post protects the toes from shear forces on the toes from bed covers during in-bed use. The SoftPro Ambulating AFO has a permanently attached hip rotation bar on the back of the AFO that can be used to control internal or external rotation of the hip while in bed.

  • Static Therapy – Support, Protect and Position
  • Progressive Extension Stretch Therapy
  • Effectively treats plantarflexion
  • NON -Removable transfer pad
  • Facilitates initial weigh bearing and assisted gait training
  • Adjustable toe post
  • Fleece Lined
  • Hip Rotation bar
  • Heat Moldable



  • Plantarflexion Conrtacture
  • Heel Offloading
  • Hip rotation control 

Functional Objectives


  • Increase available range of motion, active and/or passive, at the ankle joint to Improve / maintain functional alignment of the ankle/foot.
  • Facilitate weight bearing.
  • Provide an audible cue at heel strike during assisted gait training.
  • Decrease the risk of skin breakdown while in bed.
  • Reduce/eliminate contracture-related pain and discomfort.

Contra Indications

  • The SoftPro Ambulating AFO should not be applied if any part of the device comes in contact with an open wound.
  • The SoftPro Ambulating AFO should not be used if the ankle/foot has grade three plus edema.
  • The SoftPro Ambulating AFO should not be applied on an ankylosed ankle or an ankle/foot that is broken or dislocated. 
Soft Pro Resting AFO Fleece lined with de-rotation bar


Size Foot Length Max Calf Circ Code
Small 6" - 8"     15" SP 20-00
Medium 18" - 10"    17" SP 20-01
Large 10" -11"   19" SP 20-02 
X-Large 11" - 12" 23" SP 20-03

Additional information


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