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SpryStep flex


  • Enhanced spiral curve of the strut and proprietary material blend offers greater flexibility and energy return
  • Proprietary posterior lateral position of the strut increases patient compliance and amplifies energy return
  • Trimmable forefoot ensures a perfect fit
  • Custom version available based on size, pathology, or activity level
  • Fits easily into most shoes
  • Recommended for the most active patients (Running, Hiking, etc.)


Foot drop of:

  • neurological origin from central nervous
    system (motor impairment due to stroke,
    multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease,
    spinal cord injury, cerebral palsy, etc.)
  • peripheral nervous system (neuropathy,
    nerve injuries, nerve damage, radiculopathy)
    or muscular origin (muscular dystrophy,
    congenital myopathy, etc.) without knee

SpryStep flex is adapted for dynamic patients
with high impact activities (walking, running…)

SpryStep Flex from Thuasne


Size Shoe size EU Prduct Height Code
X-Small 33-37 30cm U01712
Small 36-39 32cm
Medium 38-42 36cm
Large 41-44 36cm
X-Large 44-47 38cm

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