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Foot and Ankle

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  • The best combination of stability and comfort
  • Adjustable limitation of movement through three-position talus strap
  • Excellent ankle comfort from VACO12 cushions
  • Slim design fits into shoes
  • Easy to apply and adjust – no laces needed
  • VACO12 bead inserts cushion your ankle bones.
  • The straps can be adjusted to give compression and support where needed
  • Three strap design firmly holds the ankle in place
  • Adjustable Talus Strap


  • Acute ankle ligament injuries
  • Prevention of ligament lesions on the ankle joint
  • Compensation of ankle joint instability
  • Ankle sprains


Size Uk Shoe size EU Shoe Size Left Right
Small ≤ 6.5 ≤ 40 VATA-01-1-S-LI VATA-01-1-S-RE
Standard ≥ 6.5 ≥ 40 VATA-01-1-LI VATA-01-1-RE

Additional information

If you are in between sizes we generally recommend that you choose the smaller size. If you have a very large calf you may require additional accessories to accommodate (Liner Extension and Extra Long Strap).


Clinicians or private individuals can request further information about this product.

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