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Hip and Hernia

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Orione Hernia Brief, Medium Height Open Male


Orione Hernia Brief Model #313 is a relatively low-cut design for customers with a single or bilateral inguinal hernia or customers who need additional abdominal support. This model is a good choice if you have a large stomach as your true waist size starts lower down. All Hernia briefs are supplied with two atomically shaped, flat foam pads. There are two small pouches on the inside of the brief. The pads are recommended as they put direct pressure on the hernia but the fit is entirely up to the wearer. If you intend to have laparoscopic surgery these briefs may be more suitable as the surgery incision point will be above the top of the brief and can be worn post-operation without touching the wound site.

Suitable for male gender only

For hygiene reasons underwear is NOT eligible for return


Size Waist Measure Code
2 76-80cm 313
3 81-85cm 313
4 86-90cm 313
6 91-95cm 313
6 96-100cm 313
7 101-105cm 313

Clinicians or private individuals can request further information about this product.