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Rebound® Cartilage


Cartilage and meniscal injuries usually lead to significant limitations of knee function and knee pain. As surgery cannot be done on the day of diagnosis, prehabilitation is indicated to limit knee pain and keep the patient functional until surgery is scheduled. In addition, postoperatively, the success of meniscal tear and articular cartilage repair is dependent upon patient compliance during the rehabilitation process and the protocol is based on restricted weight bearing combined with gradual increase in activity. Many rehabilitation protocols suggest partial weight-bearing as the standard of care for successful outcomes. However, patient compliance to partial weight-bearing instructions with crutches has been shown to be inconsistent. Rebound Cartilage is a protective functional solution designed for prehabilitation / pre-surgical management and rehabilitation of cartilage injuries and meniscal lesions. By protecting the healing tissue from overload, it fits into accelerated rehab protocols.


  • Articular cartilage defect repair needing unicompartmental load reduction or range of movement restriction
  • Cartilage knee trauma benefiting from unloading or movement restriction
  • Meniscal repair
  • Avascular necrosis
  • Condylar bone marrow lesions (bone bruises)
  • Tibial plateau fractures
  • May also be beneficial for other unicompartmental knee conditions that require unloading

Additional information

Size Calf circumference 15 cm below mid patella Left Medial Right Medial Left Lateral Right Lateral
Small 31 - 35.5cm B-254610002 B-254510002 B-254620002 B-254520002
Medium 35.5 - 42.5cm B-254610003 B-254510003 B-254620003 B-254520003
Large 42.5 - 51cm B-254610004 B-254510004 B-254620004 B-254520004
X-Large 51 - 61.5cm B-254610005 B-254510005 B-254620005 B-254520005

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