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Coyote Dynamic AFO Strut Kit


The Coyote Dynamic Strut Design combines a unique combination of strength and flex that other posterior dynamic struts do not offer. The AFO has the fit and comfort of a custom AFO with a posterior mounted dynamic strut for optimal ambulation. The strut is mounted to a custom thermoformed AFO and designed for average daily use; walking, working, hiking, biking, golf.  
Has not been tested with running.

Designed to Flex

  • Moves with the Patient  
  • Helps create a Natural Gait
  • Works great with a thermoformed orthosis
  • Offloads weight from the foot and ankle
  • Provides Energy Response

Fitting Kit Avaliable


Also now available as a mini strut to allow its use for smaller patients. 


Coyote Dynamic Strut


Dynamic Strut Kit

Product Name Weight Range Code
Extra Soft Flex Kit 32-68 Kg  (70-150 lbs) CD207XS
Soft Flex Kit 41-90 Kg (90-200 lbs) CD207S
Medium Flex Kit 57-102 Kg (125-225 lbs) CD207M
Rigid Flex Kit 90-127 Kg (200-280 lbs) CD207R
Extra Rigid Flex Kit 118-158 Kg (260-350 lbs) CD207XR

Fabrication Guide

Rotation Shim Pair

Shims designed to adjust lateral or medial rotation for Coyote Dynamic Struts

Product Name Code
Rotation Shim CD206RSP

Fabrication Guide

Flexion Shim Pair

Product Name Code
Flexion Shim CD206FSP

Fabrication Guide

Replacement Struts

Product name Code
Extra Soft Flex Replacement Strut CD207XSS
Soft Flex Replacement Strut CD207SS
Medium Flex Replacement Strut  CD207MS
Rigid Flex Replacement Strut CD207RS
Extra Rigid Flex Replacement Strut CD207XRS

Additional information

  • Works great with a thermoformed orthosis
  • Offloads weight from the foot and ankle
  • Helps create a natural gait
  • Provides energy response
  • Moves with the patient
  • Designed to flex
  • 6 Month Warranty

The Strut Kit Includes


Clinicians or private individuals can request further information about this product.

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