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Coyote Mini Dynamic Strut


Coyote’s Mini Dynamic Strut is made from Resilergy™, the same responsive composite material as our standard strut, just a smaller size at approximately 5cm shorter. 

Our struts combine a unique combination of strength and flex that other posterior dynamic struts do not offer. The Mini Strut was designed for smaller patients, with softer flex options available. These struts are comfortable enough for average daily use; walking, working, hiking, biking, golf.  

Has not been tested with running.


  • Designed for smaller patients
  • Kit includes tooling and mounting
  • Replacement struts available
Coyote Mini Strut


Product Name Weight Range Code
Mini Soft Flex Kit 31-49 Kg (70-110 lbs) CD209S
Mini Medium Flex Kit 41-58 Kg (90-130 lbs) CD209M
Mini Rigid Flex Kit 49-68 Kg (110-150 lbs) CD209R

Additional information

The Mini Strut is 21.5cm long and 3.2cm wide

The Dynamic Strut is 26.7cm Long and 3.2cm wide


Clinicians or private individuals can request further information about this product.

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