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Paediatric CDS® Knee Brace Extension


The CDS® Knee Brace Extension functions according to the CDS® principle and has been designed to treat an extension deficit of the knee. The knee contracture brace applies a dynamic low load prolonged stretch to stimulate growth in the contracted tissue. The adjustable redression range protects the tissues from painful overstretching and allows for individual extension until -15°.


  • Therapy in extension
  • Individual adjustment of the spring tension
  • Spring tension can be switched on and off without tools and without varying the set spring tension
  • Infinitely variable adjustment of the redression range in extension between -15° and +30°
  • Individual adjustment of shells and straps
  • Easy handling and high wearing comfort


-Joint contractures:

  • After surgery
  • After conservative treatment of capsular ligament injuries
  • Before and after joint replacement
  • In arthrosis and chronic polyarthritis
  • After burns
  • After strokes
  • After spinal cord injuries
  • Paralysis (discrete palsy of peripheral origin)
  • After craniocerebral trauma (CCT)

-To prevent new contractures after arthrolysis

-Rupture of a muscle fibre of quadriceps femoris

-Patella tendon rupture

-Extension deficit from weakness of quadriceps

-Conservative and postoperative indications, where active flexion of the knee is contraindicated

CDS extension brace to aid knee extension / stretch contractures in children


Size Length of thigh shell medial (cm) Length of lower leg shell (cm) Circ of thigh (cm) Circ of lower leg (cm) Colour options Code  left Code  right
Malinki 14 - 16.5  15 - 18.5  18 - 22  17 - 20  *black 901XXS-L 901XX-R
Bambini 16.5 - 18.5  18.5 - 21.5  22 - 32  20 - 25  *black 901XSXS-L 901XSXS-R
Junior 17.5 - 20  21.5 - 25  30 - 40  22 - 32  *black 901SS-L 901SS-R
Adolescent 23 - 25.5  26.5 - 29  33 - 43  24 - 35  black 901LM-L 901LM-R

Additional information

* Braces are also available with green, blue, orange or pink shells. These can be specified when ordering but are subject to longer delivery times


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