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Sickle foot and clubfoot orthosis


The sickle foot and clubfoot orthosis for babies is a corrective shoe-shaped orthotic device made of soft leather. To permit variable correction, the sole of the orthosis is divided into two parts. The rear foot is supported by a heel cap, while correction of the forefoot misalignment is done by fitting a tension spring at the other edge of the foot in the Lisfranc joint region. The attachment to the large toe’s joint and the cuboid bone area at the outer edge of the foot guides the forefoot into the corrected position. The orthosis is mainly used for infants and toddlers in the crawaling age. After that, night splints may be used if further corrective treatment of the forefoot misalignment is necessary.

Pigeon toe orthosis for babies

The pigeon toe orthosis for babies is delivered with mounted spring at normal tension, plus two springs for medium and maximum tension and a fastening element.

  • Not suitable for walking
  • 13 sizes from 80mm to 150mm in 5mm increments


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