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Dorso Arexa


  • One size for fittings up to a waist circumference of 150 cm
    • Reduced inventory levels, optimised for clinical fitting processes
  • Custom circumference adjustment thanks to click-lock extension elements
    • Can be adjusted to the individual anatomical situation
  • Continuously adjustable height of the sternal and symphysis pad
    • Optimal fit
  • Auto-adaptive sternum and symphysis pad as well as soft padding
    • High wearer comfort
  • Waterproof
    • Can be worn in the shower and for water therapy


  • Stable vertebral body fractures in the thoracic spine/lumbar spine at T10 through L2 without neurological deficits
  • Osteoporotic changes in the spine


Size Waist Circumference Code
Universal Up to 150cm 28R140N

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