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Hensinger Head Support


Foam wrap-around collar which supports the patient’s head

Used in conjunction with a harness

Maintains mid-line head position, which can improve breathing, swallowing and feeding

Made from a waterproof foam which is coated in a flexible plastic


Size Neck Circumference Unmounted Code Back Plate Model
X-Small 25cm 60816000010 60810000010
Small 30cm 60816000011 60810000011
Medium 38cm 60816000012 60810000012
Large 43cm 60816000013 60810000013

Replacement Straps

Size Code
Small HENSINGER replacement strap 60818000011 
Medium HENSINGER replacement strap 60818000012
Large HENSINGER replacement strap 60818000013 

Additional information

Paediatric version also avaliable


Clinicians or private individuals can request further information about this product.

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