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Miami JTO Thoracic extension


  • Patented design with ‘floating back’ permits maximum immobilisation without the risk of compensatory motion
  • Snap on and off without tools
  • Sorbatex™ II padding is antibacterial and clinically proven to inhibit microbial growth, which enhances comfort and helps assure
  • patient compliance
  • MRI, CT and X-ray lucent
  • Compatible with Miami J and Miami J Select (not included)


  • Low c-spine and high t-spine precaution for trauma patients
  • Immobilisation for pre and post low c-spine and high t-spine surgery
  • Other conditions requiring gross immobilisation of the low-cervical and/or high-thoracic-spine
  • Conditions requiring gross immobilisation of the low cervical and/or high-thoracic-spine


Item Code
Miami JTO MT-900
Miami JTO with replacement softgoods MTR-900
Replacement softgoods MTP-950

Additional information

Compatible with all sizes of the Miami J®, Miami J® Select and the P3 Miami Jr®. Miami J collar is not included with Miami JTO Thoracic Extension. Miami J collar needs to be purchased also.


Clinicians or private individuals can request further information about this product.

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