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Upper Limb

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Acromion 2.0


  • Contralateral strap with buckle (orange) that can be quickly fastened and removed using a hook closure
  • Rear straps with uniform and pre-set tensioning
  • Adjustable, comfortable elbow pocket with forearm support, padded with polyethylene foam; padding is semi-rigid to facilitate application
  • Straps made of velour, size adaptable
  • Anatomical, flexible clavicular brace with polyethylene foam padding and pivot joints
  • System of tension and support straps designed to exert downward pressure on the clavicle and upward pressure on the shoulder in order to realign acromion and clavicle
  • Abdominal strap with clip buckle closure (white), length can be adjusted via Velcro®


  • Conservative treatment for stabilization of the acromioclavicular joint
  • Conservative treatment for fractures of the distal end of the clavicle


Size Left Right
Universal M.S1063 M.S1063

Specify Left or Right on order.


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