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Orthotic Services

Buchanan Orthotics can deliver a quality and experienced Orthotic service to the NHS, including providing a high quality administrative, clinical and manufacturing service. 

We achieve this by working in partnership with Trusts to develop an efficient and effective Orthotic service. Buchanan Orthotics will provide a dedicated service which will encompass a patient-centred approach at all times.

Quality of Care

Quality of care is key to our service offering, and is created in an environment where clinical effectiveness, supported by clinical observation, can flourish.

Communication with Key Stakeholders

Buchanan Orthotics is committed to delivering Orthotic services in a professional, patient-friendly and efficient manner. We work closely with Orthotic managers and key stakeholders to deliver quality service and ensure KPI performance.

Trust staff are often the first point of contact with patients. We are keenly aware of their importance in successfully delivering the Orthotic service. Supporting them is key to patient outcomes.

Similarly, when dealing directly with patients, our staff will be courteous, professional and aware of the correct protocols in dealing with enquiries. We will accommodate the patient’s needs in line with Trust policy.

Effective Orthotic Services

Buchanan Orthotics is aware that delivering a cost-efficient service and providing savings where possible is an essential aspect of service delivery.

With the experience gained over the last 40 years of working within the NHS, we are ideally positioned to deliver services in a range of diverse geographic locations. We specialise in providing services to small to medium NHS Trusts with unique requirements, including the necessary travel and accommodation arrangements in delivering satellite clinics. 

Buchanan Orthotics has extensive experience working in multi-disciplinary environments to create productive patient outcomes.